Optimum Knitwear

Optimum Knitwear is a small boutique manufacturer of fine gauge knitwear specialising in the use of natural fibres.  The company was founded by Tim and Sue Fawcett in 1990 and remains a New Zealand family owned company based in West Auckland, employing 40 staff.

Optimum Knitwear has become  known for its extensive colour palette, service and the quality of all its collections.  Gaby's stocks an extensive range of Optimum's 100% Combed Cotton collection each summer.  Combing of cotton fibres produces a stronger, finer, smoother yarn and combed cotton garments are exceptionally comfortable to wear.  In winter the collection is of 100% Fine and Extra Fine Super Soft Merino.

Gaby's loves quality knitwear and has stocked the Optimum label for many years.

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