Gaby’s New Website

Welcome to our new website.  It has been a while coming, partly because of a change of season during the preparation.   It is a work in progress – more photos and articles will be added.  Like the clothing industry and fashion in general, it will be in a state of constant change!

I ask myself ‘why are we doing this?’  It seems a lot of time and expense is involved when we do not particularly want to get into online shopping.  To do that we would have to change our business operation drastically and carry a lot more stock of each style, which of course would mean that we carried fewer styles.  That would be detrimental to the physical shopping experience for all our customers who love popping into the shop to see what’s new, find a special piece for their wardrobe, or just love browsing.

I analysed why I use websites, and why my family and friends do.  It seems that a lot of us look at websites of physical shops to get a few ideas before visiting, or indeed to decide if it is worth visiting.  Or if we’re searching for a particular item we’ll check out stockists on the suppliers website, then check out the stockist’s site.  Often we then email, phone or visit the shop concerned to check if our particular item is in stock.  I’ve been looking for outdoor furniture recently which I would never buy online, but I found lots of places which were worth checking out, and also a few that I decided were not.

So though we’re not going to have an online shopping website in the near future, the time has come for us to have a better online presence.  So … here it is!

I’d love to have some guest bloggers !  Pleeease, if you have something you’d like to share, something you’d like to find out about, something you’d like to comment on – get in touch.  We’d love to have input from others.  And of course not only about clothes.  If you’ve discovered a good book or fabulous holiday destination or seen a good movie, do tell us.

We look forward to receiving any comments about ways we can improve the site, and as always we love to see you visit Gaby’s in person.