I have been shopping at Gaby’s since it opened over 20 years ago.  I always find what I need, or more importantly, what I want.  They have an extensive range of smart casual clothes suitable for a professional life, for dining out or just looking gorgeous.  The staff are always helpful.  They tell me honestly if something doesn’t suit me and will help me find something that does.

My friends and family also shop at Gaby’s when in Warkworth, in fact it’s a favourite destination for our (female) visitors.  Some days we will just go in to browse to see what is in stock.  Gaby’s has a warm, friendly feel and is definitely one of my favourite shopping destinations.

Judy Hanna

Satisfied customer

Gaby’s boutique is a favourite for me.  With variety, quality and great staff, what more could a girl want.

Over the years I have enjoyed popping in regularly for a leisurely browse and an update on what’s new.

Brenda and her staff are always very helpful and know the stock well.  I never feel pressured and always get an honest opinion on garments tried on, so the whole shopping experience is a pleasure, resulting in a wardrobe with clothes for all occasions.

Marlene Brown

Hi, my name is Shona, also known as ‘the yellow lady’.  Yes, I do love the colour yellow – as well as orange, blue, red, green, in fact all bright colours.  I love clothes (and shoes) and lucky for me I can shop at Gaby’s, the shop which I consider to stock an awesome range of clothing.

Whether I am looking for a wedding outfit, a smart casual outfit or simply something fun and colourful to wear, I will always find it at Gaby’s.  The staff know me well and often when I’m working on my days in Imelda’s Shoe Boutique next door, one of the “Gaby’s girls” happens to find something yellow or bright and come through the door with the usual comment – ‘Shona, you’d look great in this’.  Nine times out of ten I purchase the garment.

I must say that Brenda and her staff do have a great personal touch with their customers, many of whom then wander into Imelda’s to get ‘shoes to match’ the outfit they have just chosen.

If you are looking for fabulous clothes for any occasion I recommend you visit Gaby’s first.

Shona Pickup

loves clothes and shoes